Related Websites

Below are a few other websites that also are doing their best to inform the public about Hunter Syndrome and MPS disorders, and helping to find/fund a cure:  

MPS SuperHero Foundation
MPS SuperHero Foundation is a South Florida parent-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2016 that is committed to raising funds to cure Hunter Syndrome. 
Phone: 305-283-0250

Sock-it 2 Hunter Syndrome Foundation
Sock-it 2 Hunter Syndrome is a foundation dedicated to fundraising for research and development towards finding a cure for Hunter Syndrome.
Phone: (929) 274-4236

MPS Society
MPS Society provides support to families, supports research and advocates for MPS and related disorders.
Address: P.O. Box 14686
Durham, NC 27709-4686
Toll Free: 877.MPS.1001
Local: 919.806.0101

Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic contains an abundance of information regarding MPS.

Project Alive
Project Alive is a non profit organization that is dedicated to finding a cure for hunter syndrome through research and advocacy.
Phone: (313) 312-5483
PO Box: 384 Thompson’s Station TN, 37179

Here’s Jack
Here’s Jack was created by a parent of a Hunter Syndrome patient to share updates, photos, and videos of what’s going on in Jack’s world.

Extinguish Hunter Syndrome
Extinguish Hunter Syndrome raises awareness about Hunter Syndrome and the lives that it affects.
Phone: (937)545-1317